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It’s views of the Pintlers from the lodge balcony. Its a 10 minute walk to catch a Rainbow trout. It’s staying in the heart of downtown or a bit further afield. From the comfort of traditional motels and hotels to the homey atmosphere of bed and breakfasts, every budget and preferred experience can be realized.

Bars & Tasting Rooms

Whether relaxing with a crowd over Montana microbrews or sharing an intimate meal, Anaconda is good food, good drinks and the best of company.

Food & Coffee

It’s pork chop sandwiches and pasties, shrimp cocktails and well prepared steak. It’s butterhorns and sweetie pies: local delicacies that call natives home, and for which visitors return.


Gone are the haberdasheries and hat shops, and yes, we have no mall. But with unsurpassed hospitality, small town merchants present a plethora of unique treasure. Whether you wear it, or ride it home, or have to ship it in a large wooden crate, Anaconda is full of surprises for purchase.

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