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Atlantic Richfield a British Petroleum Company

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317 Anaconda Road, Butte, MT 406-723-1813


The Atlantic Richfield Company began remediation and reclamation work began more than 30 years ago in and around the Anaconda and Butte communities. This was at the request of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), its predecessor agency, the Montana Department of Health and Environmental Sciences (MDHES), and the Montana Natural Resource Damage Program (MNRDP). We have made great progress since that time, and this work will continue into the future.
Tackling the legacy of a century of past mining, milling and smelting activity requires technical expertise, persistence, cooperation and teamwork. Atlantic Richfield Company’s approach to environmental remediation seeks to protect human health and the environment in a thoughtful way that turns former industrial sites into community assets that will benefit the people of Montana in the future. Atlantic Richfield Company thanks the community of Anaconda, the State and the US EPA for continuing to work with us over many years to remediate, reclaim and restore the landscape around the Anaconda smelter, turning former industrial areas into community assets.

Remediation and Restoration Projects in and near Anaconda

Old Works Golf Course – The Jack Nicklaus – designed course attracts golfers from all over the nation. Named after the first smelting facility in Anaconda, Old Works combines remediation technologies with original facility foundations and materials. Golf Digest continues to rank the Old Works as one of America’s 100 greatest public courses.
The Dutchman Creek and Wetlands – This property provides 3,700 acres of grasslands and wetlands in the Dutchman and Lost Creek drainages. Following remediation and restoration work, the area provides abundant habitat for elk, antelope, deer, and waterfowl. In 2017. Atlantic Richfield buildt a new public trailhead and access to the popular Dutchman Creek Fishing area.

Anaconda Ponds and Opportunity Ponds – Impoundments containing mine tailings (crushed rock left over from the milling process) have been stabilized, covered with engineered caps and topsoil, and revegetated with native grasses. Today they provide thousands of acres of wildlife habitat and grazing areas for elk and other wildlife.
Warm Springs Ponds –In addition to treating water, the Warm Springs Ponds is a Wildlife Habitat Council-certified wildlife management area that is open to the public for fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking and hunting. The area spans 2,500 acres and is home to more than 200 bird species. More information can be accessed from the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website:


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