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Sapphire Gallery

115 E. Broadway, Phillipsburg, MT 406-859-3236

We ethically recover our Sapphires from our mine Gem Mountain in the Rock Creek mining district.  They are sorted and hand selected for our natural heat-treatment process. Our heat-treating process is world renowned, and done in-house After they have been heat treated they are resorted based on size and shape to determine their finished shape and who will facet them.  We only select our very best Sapphire gemstones for our gold jewelry. If you want a top quality, made in America, Montana Sapphire Gemstone in a piece of fine jewelry we are your direct source. We produce our own gemstones and all of our mountings are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.. All goldsmith work is completed locally and we carefully inspect each piece before placing it out for sale. We can’t compete price wise with sapphire jewelry of unknown origin produced overseas; but we can promise you fair and competitive prices on Made in Montana USA fine quality Montana Sapphire Jewelry

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