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Sweet Palace

109 S. Broadway, Phillipsburg, MT 406-859-3353

Our vision of a destination candy store for all Montanans and guests opened in 1998 as The Sweet Palace. The aroma of freshly made candies arouses your senses and the elegance of the Victorian décor will take you back to another century. Be sure to join us while we create nostalgic, sumptuous sweets for gifting or indulging.

In 2003 we purchased one of our suppliers and moved it to its new home, The Copper Cauldron. In our commercial kitchen we make our chocolate centers, taffy base, caramels, toffees, brittles, and marshmallow. We have a viewing area, so please feel free to stop by and see what we’re cooking.

Choose from any of 50 kinds of fudge, 72 flavors of saltwater taffy, 20 varieties of caramels, or our luxurious hand dipped chocolates from our online candy catalog. We delight in making your traditional favorites as well as following through with our daily whims. Ask about our Black-eyed Bobs and Moose Drool Truffles. Our sugar free connoisseurs will be enthralled with over 90 delectable selections. Succulent hard candies and more Jelly Belly choices than anywhere in the universe await you here at The Sweet Palace.

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